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runner runner中文字幕人成无码人妻

"Your face might as well have writing on it, because you are a slutty read girl," Jade said to her little busty petite brunette classmate, May. "Just likes dicks when it comes to chip stacks, size says everything," May confidently replied. These two high school girls among a throng of others had used fake ID's to get themselves into one of the local bar's poker night games. May wasn't usually the type to do something like this, but she was incredibly book smart and figured she could use her math prowess to earn her some much needed cash. Jade on the other hand was a firecracker of emotion, with a fine slender ebony figure. Raised in a wealthy white neighborhood having been adopted by wealthy white parents, Jade didn't fit the profile of your average black teen, but being the odd one out for so long had affects enough on her personality to make her always fighting for the center of attention. Perhaps this experience with a lifetime of emotional roller coasters is what allowed her to toy with the emotions of her opponents so well.Looks of course didn't hurt either. There were a few dozen adult men there that night, who were easy pickings for these young girls, and who had stuck around to watch, if only for the booze and scenery. "As if you've ever even seen a dick. Your nose is always buried in books." May was actually a bit surprised Jade had noticed her at all. Jade was known to be one of the most popular girls in school, while May just had a few creepy boys that hit on her for having developed breasts at such an early age. To just about every other student, she was just an invisible rack that floated about the school. Even her young handsome Math teacher Mr. Adams seldom called on her in class, but she often caught him stealing glances at her chest. It wasn't as if she wore low cut tops; she tried to hide them as best she could, but it never made a difference. Maybe being invisible was her goal, but she could never hide these damn things. "Hellooooooooo, do you call or what bookworm?" May snapped back to reality with a blush and pushed enough chips to put Jade all in.Jade noticed May's blush and felt confused. What did that look mean? May hadn't done that all night as far as she had noticed. She'd been paying pretty close attention to May. She knew she'd be a strong competitor, with her smarts and those tits, every guy in the joint practically threw their chips at her, and what's more she caught on to the way she looked at other players when May wasn't in a hand. It was as if May could predict a winner without seeing the cards, and using May's lack of composure allowed her to escape certain doom over and over. But, what did that blush mean? And... why did it make her so wet. May could feel the heat in her cheeks intensify as Jade focused so intently on her face. Always on her face and not on her chest. She looked down and felt relief at this finally being over as Jade called. May had Ace King with an Ace King 7 flop, and Jade turned over... 7 2. Well, we can't all be good at math I guess. The turn came with a 4. Jade hopped up, "Come On! All I need is another 7 or a 2!" May laughed hysterically. Jade looked at May feeling hurt? "What's so funny bitch?"May pointed at the cards, "If another two falls, I'll still have the higher two pair, I still win. You can only get a 7 to stay in this, and there's barely a 4% chance of that." Jade went pale and sunk back into her seat as she realized May was right, but hopped back up again as the 7 of spades hit the river. "Cha! You can't beat me with that math baloney!" It was May's turn to look sullen as over half her chip stack went to Jade. Maybe that's what all of life came down to.. luck. It rattled her that she lost that hand, and she immediately started bleeding chips on bad gambles. It was all but over.. "Bitch, I could own the clothes of your back with this hand," Jade announced to the sounds of snickering men hanging around. They'd certainly like that, in fact, it really got them riled up. May and Jade got a bit nervous as the noise and movement in the room intensified around them."We'd definitely pay to see that!!" One of the men shouted, as the others joined him in cat calls and laughter. Jade as usual got swept up in the emotion and looked right into May's eyes and said, "How about it? What do you say to all my chips against all of your clothes? "May shook nervously. She'd felt the affects of adrenaline all night, only to be faced with despair now, but those eyes of Jade's always locked on her seemed to be able to manipulate her in ways she'd almost never felt. The only other person that had this kind of sway over her emotions had to be Mr. Adams. She'd do anything to have his eyes on hers, like Jade's were. May looked at her cards and saw Cowboys, two Kings just when she needed them. The math was clear. "I call." Cheers immediately filled the bar as the men gathered closer around the table. The flop came 4 9 K and May felt much relieved until she heard Jade say, "Raise." "Huh?" Everyone was equally confused. Jade pointed at Mays chips. "I have my chips against your clothes, but you still have chips so lets say Double or Nothing?" May just shook her head confused. "I don't understand." Jade pulled out a rolled of bills. "I'm rich bitch. How about another grand to roughly match what we have here on the table, and if I win I get your chips and you eat my pussy." This really got the guys riled up, you could feel the tension turn into raw energy all around the table, feeding into Jade. May just looked stunned. She'd never considered doing anything like that to a girl. She'd never considered risking stripping in front of a bunch of men in a bar either.. but the odds were clearly in her favor... and she wasn't brought up in wealth like a lot of her classmates. She could really use this money.. she stared intently at the cards trying to conceive of any way she could lose. There were several ways, but the odds were so slim.. four of a kind 4's or 9's.. runner runner flush or runner runner straight.. that's it.. nothing else... and with math on her side. "I'll.. take your bet.. I mean.. I call..." Jade's eyes glowed as she flipped over the 7 2 again. This time suited hearts along with the 4 in the flop, but as May expected it would have to be a double runner and May had more than a 96% chance of winning. The cards came, runner runner, both hearts, and now May's heart was about to burst from her chest, and the only thing she could think was "RUN". She didn't hesitate. She saw her fate and immediately tried to push through the crowd. She was lucky. These men were excited, but they weren't vicious. They weren't going to rape a young woman or tear off her clothes, if she wanted to leave, they'd let her. May ran out those doors as fast as she could, hopped in her car, and went home. Jade didn't mind. She got to enjoy feeding on the rush and excitement, and May might not know it yet but she'd be feeding on Jade's pussy soon enough.--------------------------------------------------------That night was scary, and oddly enough the past several days had been frustrating. May couldn't help but sneak peeks at Jade. Sure she wanted to avoid her at school, but she missed the way her eyes focused only on May's face. She could never go back to playing poker with Jade. She was terrified of ever gambling like that again. "Ahem. Miss May, if you could please pay attention."Jade turned her head and met May's gaze, just before she could turn face forward and apologize, "Sorry, Mr. Adams!" She almost screamed it and most the class started giggling at her. "Right right, calm down class. See me after class Miss May and everyone eyes forward this part can be a bit tricky." Mr. Adams finished his lecture uninterrupted and waited for the other students to file out of the room as he cleaned off the marker board and arranged his notes for the next class. Once ready, he looked up to see Miss May and Miss Jade still left. "Miss Jade, if you'd be so kind as to allow us to continue our conversation after school lets out this afternoon I'd appreciate it." "Sorry,yy1111111少妇影院光屁股 Mr. Adams. May just owes me something, and I thought she might be ready to pay up." "Oh my god!" May thought. She felt every bit of blood drain from her body. She thought she managed to run away from this forever, and to bring it up here in front of Mr. Adams.. No no no.. Mr. Adams looked backed and forth between the two girls, "Surely what ever you're talking about can be taken care of outside of school, please leave the class room Miss Jade and close the door on your way out." "Of course, professor." Jade ducked out, smirking at May's backside as she left. May felt a bit of relief when she head the door shut, as if having a physical barrier between Jade and herself could protect her from her debt."Miss May you are an excellent student, but you've been distracted lately is there anything I can do to help?" May's mouth started to water at the sound of Mr. Adams' voice. She thought of Mr. Adams' stripping and then eating her out on his desk. Anything? She shuddered at the thought, but her shyness had her incredibly choked up as Mr. Adams' for once was now staring directly at her face instead of chest. His expression wasn't very appealing though.. Children are usually silent like this when confronted. Mr. Adams just sighed, "Well, do take care of yourself Miss May and please try to stay focused in class. You can go." May left straight away. She wished she could give into her emotions like Jade, but oh god.. Jade still wants.. May's heart wasn't going to be leaving her stomach anytime soon. As least Jade wasn't waiting for her on the other side of the door. May rushed to her next class, and straight home after school where she felt safe. -------------------------------------------------"My name is Miss Carson, and I'll be your substitute teacher." May wanted to cry. Even Miss Carson's voice was like nails on a chalk board. Weeks had continued to pass without further words from Jade, and May didn't dare even steal glances at her anymore. But, she always felt aware of her presence as if those gorgeous eyes were gorging their way into the back of her head. What's worse was Mr. Adams was gone. Apparently there'd been some kind of scandal, involving male teachers perving on female students, Mr. Adams sudden disappearance, and a few seminars for just the girls at the school on how to behave and react to sexual predators. Word went round and everyone believed now that Mr. Adams had done something perverted to get himself fired.Another sad math day ended at the bell ring, and May stood up and turned around to see Jade standing right behind her with a small posse of people. Jade grabbed her hand and said, "Come with me, we need to talk." May wanted to run, but a couple of Jade's posse were some rather large guys from the football team that scared the crap out of her. As if she wasn't scared enough, she searched the hall for the attention of an authority figure as Jade and the posse lead May out a fire exit and too a little patch of woods behind the school. Where the hell were all the adults when you needed one?! .. She stood shaking in front of the two girls including Jade and two football jocks, not knowing exactly what she was going to do. "I'm the one who got Mr. Adams fired," Jade stated matter of factly. The blonde barbie looking girl beside her smirked. As May just looked at Jade dumbfounded. "It's not hard for me to manipulate people. A few bluffs here and there and I can own anyone. I lied and technically just got Mr. Adams suspended so far, but if you want me to come clean. If you want me to play fair, then it's only right you play fair and pay your debt to me." Jade raised her skirt showing off her shaved black pussy to May.May didn't think her heart could sink lower, but it did. She began to cry, but still stood motionless. As Jade laid back and got herself comfortable, rubbing her clit right in front of her. "It gets better. We've already planted the seed in the Principal's mind that there's someone selling drugs at school and are more than ready to turn you in. Evidence already planted in your locker, and ready to go." The two jocks came over to May's side and each grabbed a side of May's sweater. May didn't resist as they pulled it over her head. The blonde with her eyes glued to May's chest stepping between May and Jade, put her arms around May and unclasped May's bra. The blonde pulled May's bra away with a little cat like purr of approval. The boys groaned with delight too as they helped May out of her pants. When they went for her panties, she grabbed hold of them and cried NO! "Stop!" The boys instantly let go and took a few steps back away from May at the sound of Jade's command. May looked down at Jade. May's breasts were exposed and Jade's eyes were still on her eyes. Jade raised a finger and motioned for May to come. She didn't want to do this but those eyes. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with someone who looked at her like that. May moved down and crawled forward, keeping her eyes on Jades. Letting her hands guide her closer and closer to Jade, up between her spread legs. She stopped, her head above Jade's waist, her eyes pleading with Jade's, as Jade's hand caressed May's hair. No.. She wasn't caressing her hair.. she knew this as her head descended, and Jade guided her mouth to Jade's pussy. She could feel the intense heat pouring from her pussy and practically licking her lips. Her lips parted almost instinctively, and Jade suddenly stiffened in anticipation. As if not wanting to disappoint Jade, May felt herself propel forward and wrapped her lips around Jade's clit and begin sucking on it diligently. Jade cried out in pleasure. Jade had never really done anything like this, but the anticipation had been too much and she knew she had to have this. Jade let herself lie back with her eyes closed to enjoy the sensation of May's soft lips on her clit. Jade shivered and shook moaning with pleasure as May got more adventurous, exploring Jade's pussy with her tongue. "Oh good girl. Eat mommy's pussy." May couldn't believe how wet Jade was for her. She lapped up her tangy sweet juices appreciatively. As Jades eyes closed, May decided to close hers as well and just give herself to the task of paying her debt. She lick and slurped at Jade's pink little pussy for all it was worth. Shoving her tongue in and out of her depths like a cock, and then flicking and sucking on Jade's clit in turn. Jade's hips began to grind against her face and she accepted it willingly. Just trying to keep her breath as Jade's juices and even May's own drool covered her face. Jade looked at May going to town on her pussy, "And here I thought you had a slutty face before." May didn't mind Jade calling her a slut. She felt like one as she decided herself that she wanted to make Jade cum with her mouth. She was always determined to be good at what she does, whether it was math, school in general, or playing cards.. now she was owning up to her debts. She even felt a pair of hands remove her panties, and she didn't fight it because she knew it was part of the bet. She did her best to stay focused on her task, flicking her tongue about Jade's clit while fingering her gently, but it was getting difficult. She could feel the hands of the posse rubbing her body, not something she agree too, but it felt OK. It felt kind of good in fact. Jade then grabbed her head and pushed her mouth to her pussy, not letting her up, as she felt an array of strange sensations. "That's right girl eat that pussy. You've been a bad girl making mommy wait this long, you should know debts accrue interest." May didn't know how to respond she was giving it her all, and letting her friends touch her.May then nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt something smooth and slimy running up and down between the folds of her pussy. "Oh god!" She thought, "Now someone's licking my pussy too." She felt their tongue push deeper and deeper.. and then she noticed her pussy was being far to stretched for a tongue. It felt amazing as the shaft of what most of been one of the boys cocks pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. She nearly screamed into Jades pussy as the boy behind her groaned with pleasure as he began earnestly fucking May's tight little cunt. May's moans became louder and more audible as Jade pulled away. May felt so disappointed to see Jade move away as two pale white legs took her place and a blonde haired little cunt replaced Jade's. May looked up at Jade, who was right next to her. Jade bent down and kissed her, then speaking over the slapping sounds of flesh as the jock plowed May's pussy, "I've never cum so hard in my life. Let's play again some time." Jade put her hand behind May's head and pressed her face into her blonde friends pussy, who wrapped her legs around May's head as May continued to pay the interest on her debt. "Oh and don't worry. These guys might not be wearing condoms, but since there's no writing on your face, we've all agreed to cum all over your face instead." See ya soon *