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you are a pervert中文字幕人妻被公上司喝醉
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you are a pervert中文字幕人妻被公上司喝醉

A fictional story about a female dominant who takes advantage of her young neighbour. My blog is http://singlesexysecrets.blogspot.com.au/I sat on my sun lounge watching my young neighbor mow my lawn.It was a hot day. My long blonde hair was sitting over my shoulders, my ample big breasts were just covered by my hair. My blue-grey eyes were hidden by my dark shades.I worked out, so even though I was just over forty, my long slim legs and muscular ass were still impressive. I weighed in at about 60kg (130lbs). Reasonably slim for a height of 5’8”.My limp dicked husband was long gone. He was hopeless when I’d married him. I’d had two affairs with younger and was tired of sneaking around. I asked for the divorce. He was six years older, and he didn’t even want to fuck. We hadn’t had sex in years by the time I threw him out. And as I got older, my sex drive got hotter and hotter.The ice in my ice tea was melting, the condensation was dripping onto my stomach.My black bikini and oversized hat made me look a little intimidating.I loved sitting on my patio watching Simon push that heavy lawnmower.I’m sure that my lawns didn’t need mowing every three weeks, but when it was hot, he’d slip his shirt off so I could watch the beads of sweat drip down his back.Even after knowing him since he was 10, he’d started mowing my lawn at 12, he still called me Mrs. Cain. I’d never offered him to call me anything else. Every sentence was “Yes, Mrs. Cain”Today was unseasonably hot, reaching about 40C (105F) as he worked in the sun.Simons 5’10 frame was well muscled, and usually he handled the job with ease, but today with the temperature, his long brown hair was getting soaked and I could see he was working hard.Listening to his grunts of exertion was turning me on. I had no interest in letting some little 20 year old cock poke at me, I knew what I wanted.I wanted to own him.I wanted to keep him as my little sex toy.Through neighborhood gossip, I knew he had no girlfriends to speak of, but I did know most of his lawnmowing clients. They were referrals from me. Given my high position on city council, I knew that if I told the other ladies to drop him as a lawnmower, they would. I had the leverage I needed to get him on his knees, begging for more.The lawn was finished. He started to pack away his tools meticulously. “Simon, now please” I summoned. I used my high and demeaning voice to issue it like a command. I knew he’d come running. “Sit. Drink.” I handed him a towel and a tall glass of ice tea. He sat on the sunlounge next to mine, took the ice tea“Thank you Mrs. Cain” His big brown eyes remaining perfectly fixed on the ground in front of him. “Would you like a towel to dry off?” I asked, noticing the hot sweat beading on his body.“Yes Mrs. Cain” I passed him a towel, watching him wipe the sweat off his face and neck, running it down over his chest. I could smell his sweat. He smelt delicious. I leaned forward to pluck a single strand of grass from his beautiful brown hair, and as I did, I saw his eyes flick up to my large breasts. My big breasts, straining against the captive black bikini wasn’t that far from his face. I ran my long manicured nails through his hair, touching my fingertips to his earlobe.“You fucking little pervert.” I pinched his ear.His face flushed. Humiliation spreading. He knew I’d seen him looking. It was undeniable. I could see the panic in his eyes.“Staring at a woman like me! I should shut your business down.” I shrieked accusingly.I had no intention of doing any such thing, I just wanted him panic struck enough that he’d agree to anything.“Mrs. Cain, I’m so sorry, I truly apologise. I shouldn’t have looked. You’re exceptionally beautiful though. I’m so sorry.”“Oh, so it’s my fault you couldn’t behave professionally and keep your eyes off me?” I asked.He stuttered pathetically. “That’s it. I’m going to call the other ladies and tell them.” I stood up, my pussy in his face I turned around so my ass was right next to his face, bent over, picking up my drink. I wanted him turned on but panicking. I strode towards the back door. I slowly clicked the lock to unlock my back door. I felt his hand on my wrist gently. “Please, Mrs. Cain. Surely I can do something to make this better”.His 5’10” muscular frame behind me, it was hard not to tip my hand. But I truly just wanted this young man as a fuck toy.“Inside.”I walked him to the kitchen, sitting up at the bar. He stood awkwardly next to me.“I want to see you naked.” I said simply.“I… umm… err…” Simon stuttered.“Enough” I snapped, pretending to be angry. “I picked up the phone. I’ll dial Mrs. Cahill first. Wendy will be disgusted.”He unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them immediately. His cock was a little hard. Not fully, but clearly this was turning him on a little.“Off. Lose the shoes and the pants all together. What fucking good are they around your ankles anyway?”As he slipped them off, I walked slowly into the other room. I sat down on the recliner, taking off my sunhat and glasses. I was just wearing a black bikini now.He walked in and said“What now Mrs. Cain.”“Rub my feet.” He approached to sit on the couch next to me. “No, I said, filthy little fucks like you belong on the floor.”He sat down on the floor, back leaning against the couch. “No, not like that. On all fours. Use your elbows to prop you up. I want that ass in the air.”He complied. Massaging my sore feet. My toes were just centimetres from his mouth. I let him massage away, his thumbs working over my feet. His head in front of me, his bare ass up in the air. “Lick my toes”I wasn’t a foot fetishist, but I wanted to push this boy over the edge.After he’d sucked and licked my feet and rubbed them I ordered him to stand up.He stood in front of me. His penis had grown hard. “Simon, you are a pervert, aren’t you”“Yes Sophie.” He’d never dared address me by my first name before this. I was fuming.I stood up and took him by the back of the hair and marched him to my bedroom. I pushed him onto his knees on my bed.Securing his wrists at the headboard. I opened a box of sex toys in my closet and pulled out a heartshaped leather paddle.I climbed up on the bed next to himTHWACKTHWACK THWACK THWACKI pounded his ass hard. It was red, he was whimpering. “Whats my name?” I asked quietly.“Mrs Cain. Mrs Cain Mrs Cain” he panted desperately.I loosened the rope at the headboard and hustled him down the bed. I tied his feet to the end of the bed, his wrists still secured together. I slipped out of my black bikini. I climbed up the bed in front of him. I propped myself up with pillows. “Lick my cunt.” I said matter-of-factly.I had no doubt he’d comply. I looked down. His red face was humiliated. He was turned on, but freaked out. He was too scared to reply at all. He gently licked my pussy. I was dripping wet. I took the back of his head and pushed it in hard. I hooked my legs over his shoulders. I wanted him to struggle to breathe. He licked frantically. He used his tongue flat and wide licking from my pussy all the way up to my clit, running little circles around my clit. He shoved his tongue deep into my hole and worked it, rubbing his nose against my clit as he did. I came, shaking hard. I got up on my knees and looked down at him.“Simon, have you ever licked a womans pussy before?” “Once or twice, Mrs. Cain.”“What about an asshole?”“No, Mrs. Cain. Isn’t that, you know, wrong?”“Yes, pet, it is.” I said softly whilst turning around. “But you’re going to.”I leaned forward, and inched back towards his face.“But Mrs. Cain…” he hesistated. I pulled my ass cheeks apart, looked over my shoulder and issued a one word command.“Lick.”He tentatively leaned forward, brushing his tongue over my asshole.He didn’t want to. I knew, but I wanted to play with my reluctant little sex toy.He started to lick harder and harder,人妻互换共享4p闺蜜疯狂互换 he pushed the tip of his tongue against my asshole and started to push it in. “That’s it, shove your tongue in”I pushed back against his face. I felt him hesitate a little, but he reluctantly kept licking and tonguing. As his tongue was darting in and out of my tight asshole, I started to rub my clit, ready to come. I started to shake and push harder, realizing I was going to come, he pushed his tongue in hard, wiggling it up and down, I was moaning, and this hot twenty year old in my bed was driving me crazy. “Oh Pet, that’s it” I moaned, feeling my hot sticky juices run down my legs. With one deep lick and a little extra pressure on my clit, I started to come hard. Simon, realizing I was coming reached forward with his tied wrists and slipped a finger inside my pussy. I started to shake and come again. Multiple orgasms. I knew I hadn’t been wrong about this boy. He was definitely ripe for the picking.I pulled my ass away from his hungry mouth. He was still on his knees, ankles tied to the foot of the bed, his ass exposed, his 8” hard on glistening with the first drops of precum. This little pervert had got off on licking my asshole. I wondered how far he’d let me take it.I pulled a leather collar out of the box.“Since you’re mine now, pet, you should wear this.”“Yes Mrs. Cain”I slipped the collar around his throat. It was only a slim one, and I did it up just above his Adams apple. I saw him lift his chin slightly. It was loose enough that he could breathe, tight enough that it was hard for him to swallow.“Can you breathe ok Pet?” I asked. I just wanted to hear his slightly choked voice.“Yes Mrs. Cain” he said.I rummaged through the box of sex toys which had previously contained the collar and the ropes and paddle. There was an assortment of vibrators, and there was an ass plug or two. Blind fold, gags, a strap on. A whole collection. It looked like someone had raided a sex shop.I pulled out a bit gag. He had his eyes fixed on the headboard. He’d given up and was submitting to my will. I slipped the gag over his head, and pressed it against his lips. He opened his mouth. I pulled it back hard. I wanted it firmly in his mouth. I buckled it hard, running my fingers through his brown hair. “That’s it Pet. Champing at the bit for me. I could have picked a ball gag, but I want to hear your moans.”He looked around at me, quizzically. Wondering what on earth I could have planned next.I ran a perfectly manicured finger straight down his ass crack, letting the very tip of my nail just brush against his virgin asshole.He immediately flattened himself against the bed, squeezing his ass cheeks together, looking over his shoulder, protesting as best he could.“It’s ok Pet, we can definitely do this the hard way if you want. But I want your ass. Do you want to be unemployed? Or do you want to please me?”He paused his struggle. “There’s my boy. Now. Ass up.”He slowly indulged my demands., pushing his back up in the air using his forearms on the bed. I untied his wrists, and pulled them back so they were behind his thighs, at his knees. I clasped them together with a pair of cuffs. I squirted some lube on his asshole. I could hear him whimpering. “Breathe pet.”I looked down into my box of toys. Small ass plug? It would go in easier. But so much less fun than watching him writhe. I settled on a slightly larger plug. I squirted some lube on it. I reached around and started stroking his beautiful 8” cock. I wanted to ride it. But first I wanted him to be too ashamed to brag, and I wanted him to be properly broken. He’d come back and beg me to degrade him if I broke him properly. I pressed the ass plug against his asshole. Running the tip up and down his virgin crack, I could feel him twitching. I slowly came to a stop pressed against is asshole. I applied a fraction of pressure. Just enough to spread his ring a little. I felt his cock harden in my hand. I knew he’d like it. I turned it slowly in my hand, letting it lube him up, then I pushed. Just a centimeter in. I felt him quiver and his cock twitch in my hand.“That’s it Pet, take it.”I pushed it further into his ass. His ass was starting to stretch, and as he looked over his shoulder at me, I could see the discomfort fighting the arousal. I pushed a centimeter further. Another two centimetres we would reach the large diameter. Then it would slip in, as his asshole would contract around it. I wanted to watch the discomfort, millimeter by millimeter. I went slowly. Turning it every now and then. I could see he was turned on, and the precum was dripping off the end of his rock hard cock onto my sheets. I was pleased.I reached the widest point, his cheeks flushed. I held it there, knowing it hurt, knowing he liked the hurt. I could hear his little grunts through the bit gag. I pushed it further. It slipped properly into place. “There Pet. How does that feel?” He moaned in pleasure. I released him from his bonds. I suspected I had him broken. I took his gag out.I rolled him gently onto his back, keeping just the collar on.I slipped my index and middle finger of my left hand into the collar, sliding my pussy down onto his cock., holding it with my right hand A perfect 8” wonder. I reached behind me, and gave the ass plug a little tap. He shook underneath me.I started to grind against him. He moaned. He was desperate to come. I ordered him not to until I had. I could see him twitching with desperation.I rode his beautiful 8”. Hard. I came, squeezing my own tits. My raspy, ragged breaths were so deep, I could barely keep going.He begged to come“Please Mrs. Cain. Please let me come? Please please? Let me come.”I climbed off him, and started to suck his cock. He blew his hot salty load in my mouth. I leaned up the bed, kissed him and spat his load into his mouth, then pulled back, covering it with my hand. He swallowed it reluctantly.I quickly handed him his pants and told him to dress. He hesitated. “But Mrs. Cain… my ass…”I interjected. “I left it there on purpose pet. From now on, wear it when you mow my lawns.”He furrowed his brow, realizing quickly that the game was just beginning.He pulled his pants on, and I walked him to the front door, he turned around to kiss me good bye, and I pressed a finger to his lips.“Next time Simon Pet. Next time.”