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pouty lips中文字幕精品无码亚洲字幕日韩

Nov. 8thDear Journal,Last night I may have had a few too many scotches sans rocks at the bar, and as a result I felt a little worse for the wear when I woke up today.That is why I spent the better part of one of my morning classes questioning whether a persistent vibrational hum I kept hearing was coming from my hungover head or from some other source.I was trying to give a lecture, yet behind my words was a curious, somewhat annoying buzzing sound emitting from some mysterious source in the theatre.I suspected it to be a student's cell phone vibrating, as the noise would come and go throughout the lecture.Scanning the students' faces, everybody seemed to be paying rapt attention. When the lecture concluded, all the students left the hall except for Minnie.Perhaps you remember her from a few journal entries ago?She's the cute (if not slightly skanky-looking) girl who came onto me after class recently.Slender and petite, today her outfit included tight black leggings and a baggy teal sweatshirt that fell off her shoulders -- kinda 1980s style.Normally she wore her hair curly, but today it was straightened, falling down to her pert B cup tits.Her thick lips were painted a bright, glossy pink color.I could hardly take my eyes off them as she spoke to me, making comments about the lecture that practically fell on deaf ears, her lips seemingly parting in tantalizingly slow motion.All my focus was on those shimmering, pouty lips, envisioning my meat delving between them and down into her throat... Then my gaze fell upon the bare skin peeking out of her low-necked sweatshirt -- her slender neck and delicate collarbone looking so kissable.Her hands were in her pockets.Before I knew it, she was looking up at me quizzically."Professor?Didn't you hear my question?I was wondering if it was biologically possible for a..."The rest of her words were drowned out by the roaring in my hungover head.Then, suddenly, there it was again -- that infernal buzzing sound!As if a cruel auditory taunt to play with my already aching brain!Minnie was quiet.Her eyes closed, her head falling back slightly.I could see her hand moving around in her sweatshirt pocket.Suspicious, I stepped close to her and reached into the pocket, grabbing a small purple remote from her hand.I stared at it, momentarily confused.She looked up at me, smiling sweetly.I turned up the dial on the remote and the buzzing sound grew louder -- it was coming from Minnie's crotch!!A small moan fell from her lips from the intensified vibration.I raised my eyebrows.She had a small, vibrating sex toy in her cunt, and the remote wirelessly controlled the vibration! Suddenly my hangover was the last thing on my mind, perhaps due to all of the blood draining from my head and into my erection.I kept the toy vibrating at full strength and pulled her chin up to meet her lips with mine.We kissed passionately.She moaned in my mouth.My hands pawed her perky tits through the cotton sweatshirt, first cupping and then squeezing them.Then my fingers went down the curves of her body, resting on her hips. We kissed again.It was almost noon.I worried someone could walk in on us, but despite my concerns I pulled Minnie's petite body in front of mine, shoving her up against the dais, and ran my hands up and down her body while kissing the back of her neck and shoulders.Her blond hair smelled like the most delicious strawberries and cream... Another moan escaped her lips, her eyes closed.My erection was stabbing into her pert backside through the thin fabric of her leggings.I rubbed my engorged member all against her asscrack, humping at her vibrating slit from behind.I slipped the remote into my pocket and retrieved my penknife.Then I pushed Minnie forward so that she was bent over the dais, her ass raised up, her feet on tippy toes. She gasped when I cut a small slit in the crotch of her leggings with my penknife.I poked my finger through the freshly cut hole, feeling her wet slit instantly.My fingers went to my zipper, ready to unleash my raging 9" prick.It was risky -- anyone could walk in at any moment.But I was consumed with lust, my prick so engorged now that my most basest instincts had taken over. Minnie grunted when she felt me press the head of my dick against her slit from behind, stretching the hole that had been cut in the fabric.I shuddered, feeling the strange vibrating sensations coming from the sex toy buzzing inside of her cunt.Then with one hand I reached down inside her leggings from the front and slowly pulled the vibrating bullet-shaped toy from her gash.I pressed it against her clit and proceeded to force the head of my dick inside of her pussyhole from behind.She moaned again, louder now, her cries echoing through the lecture theatre.I braced myself, one hand keeping the bullet against her clit and my other hand grasping the curve of her hip.Wet cunt flesh enveloped the head of my prick as I sank into her.My hips bucked at hers again, forcing all of my steel hard prick meat inside of her.It was my turn to groan, feeling her tight, moist hole squeezing my dick.I built up a faster pace and she moaned again; I knew we were playing with fire but couldn't help myself. The dais was rattling loudly now as Minnie gripped it with white knuckles.Her face was bent over inches away from my lecture notes and various other papers, and my lips were inches away from her ear.I kissed her neck again while fucking her steadily from behind, rubbing the vibrating bullet all around her clit.We grew increasingly breathless.Her moans were getting so loud that I had to cover her mouth with my hand, silencing her cries to detract attention.I hammered her so hard that the podium she was pressed against was rocking wildly.Her pussy walls squeezed my cock hard now, her cries muffled by my palm.I suspected she was having an orgasm.I kissed her neck and she shuddered. Just then a door swung open and in walked that asshole Professor Brownstone!I froze and gasped, immediately taking my hand from Minnie's lips but keeping my cock lodged deep inside of her.Clearing my throat, I rustled some of the papers around on the dais and pointed at some random words as if explaining something to the girl.We were both breathing hard.Brownstone raised an eyebrow.I chuckled nervously and waved."Is everything alright in here?" he asked."Yes, of course, I was just assisting Minnie with some questions she had about my lecture, Professor Brownstone."Minnie nodded.My cock was still inside of her, her pussy walls holding my meat tightly.She was trembling.Before Brownstone could say anything else, my prick throbbed and suddenly a copious load of semen spurted forth into Minnie's womb!We both quietly gasped.Brownstone looked suspicious but slowly walked out of the room, turning back a few times to look at us.I pulled my dripping meat from Minnie's slit, both of us groaning.A little bit of cum oozed out from the hole that I'd cut in her leggings.I shook my head -- this was indeed a dangerous game we were playing.Minnie looked over her shoulder and grinned at me. "Thanks Professor.You're always such a big help," said Minnie with a wink. She pulled her sweatshirt down over her ass and bounded out of the lecture hall, the heavy door slamming closed behind her.Not even two minutes after she'd walked out and my fly was zipped back up, Brownstone comes back in and walks up to the dais I'm standing behind.My erection had yet to subside.He shook his head and grinned at me. "What a dog you are..." he said to me."Does your wife Lynn know about these little private lessons you're giving young Minnie after class?""I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about, Brownstone.""I'm sure you don't, Xavier," the portly, balding English professor replied with a chuckle."Please leave now, Brownstone.This conversation is over," I said, stepping away from the dais now that my erection had deflated."It's far from over," this asshole replies."Why, what's that on the front of your pants, friend?It appears to be some kind of bodily fluid.You tell me, Mr. Biology Professor.I don't think we need to use a microscope to confirm the seminal fluid presently crusting upon your trousers."My jaw dropped,欧美一区二区三区 my eyes falling to the front of my black trousers where indeed a glob of white cum was sparkling in the light.I tried to retain my composure despite my obvious guilt.Brownstone shook his head, chuckling sardonically.I debated punching him in the face for a few moments.Instead I tried to remain calm and walk by him to exit the lecture theatre.He followed slowly behind. "I can't wait to tell Lynn about this," he said as I reached for the door handle.This time I did cock my arm back to punch him.But before I could, he went on."Unless, however, you agree to make a deal."My arm froze just inches from his face."What kind of deal?" I asked, lowering my voice."I want to have a turn at pretty little Minnie's pussy, too.Then of course, I won't need to say a word to anybody.But if you cannot fulfill this arrangement, I will gleefully go forth and spread news of your deplorable behavior.To Lynn, to the school board, to all the faculty, to your neighbors, friends... Your mother and father...""How am I supposed to make these so-called arrangements for you to fuck that girl?" I whispered harshly."I don't know and don't care.You have until the end of this weekend." And with that he walked past me, shutting the door in my face behind him.My first blackmailing!~XNovember 10th,Journal -My head has been a veritable whirlwind of worries and emotions these last couple of days since Brownstone's blackmail threat.There is no possible way I can ask Minnie to fuck Brownstone...She'd never fuck the fat old bastard willingly.And so I had to form a plan, in order to keep my secret addiction from coming to the light.It's just one more thing I'll have to do that I won't be proud of in the end.After class today, I pulled Minnie aside and invited her to meet me at a hotel this Saturday night so we could have more privacy and more fun.She was thrilled, seeming genuinely excited.I watched her pert ass wiggle as she walked away, a skip in her step.My eyes closed and I shook my head... Blackmail's a bitch.~XNovember 11th,Dear Journal -Saturday night came around and Brownstone and I arrived at the hotel well before Minnie did.I got a two bedroom suite and made him hide silently in a bathroom until further notice.My heart skipped a beat when I heard a knock on the door shortly after 8pm.There was Minnie, standing in the doorway looking sexy (and a little slutty) as always. She had on a clingy blue satin dress that hugged her slender curves, barely covering her ass.It had a corset style top, forcing her tits to nearly spill out for my viewing pleasure.Her bare shoulders looked dusted with glitter.My prick twinged.Guilt was consuming my mind, though my cock was undeterred.My gaze traveled from her taut thighs up to her pretty face, her eyelids sparkling with blue eyeshadow.Blond curls fell down her bare shoulders.Minnie stepped inside, throwing her purse down onto the counter and grabbing me in a passionate kiss immediately.Blood surged to my cock as my hands caressed the silky curves of her petite body.She moaned in my mouth.The plan was falling into place... Step one was to get her all fired up and begging for cock.I pushed her up against a wall and got to my knees, pulling her dress up over her hips to reveal a perfectly bald pussy mound.She had neither bra nor panties on.The smell of her juicy cunt overwhelmed my nostrils.I leaned in and began vigorously tongue-lashing her pussy, licking up and down from her clit nearly to her ass while her back was up against the wall.Her eyes closed, her head falling back with a thud.She giggled and then moaned.I was twirling my tongue all around her clit.Reaching into my back pocket, I grabbed a silk blindfold and furry handcuffs.She giggled when I pulled them out dangled them in front of her.Then I laid her down on the bed and continued devouring her pussy meat, loudly slurping up and down her slit and occasionally nibbling on her clit.Her little gasps and moans were filling the hotel room.I kissed my way up to her neck and lips before helping her pull the slinky dress off to reveal her perfectly shaven, slender, nude body.She giggled again.Her tiny nipples hardened in the chill of the room.I jumped on them as soon as they were free, sucking each little pink bud in my mouth.Minnie moaned louder, her fingernails digging into my back.My lips went up to her neck and to her lips again.Then I smiled and brought the blindfold up to her eyes.She nodded. One her eyes were covered, I took her wrists in mine and began sensuously handcuffing her to the bed.I kissed her again, from her bound wrists down over her pert titties to her flat abdomen and back to her bald cunt mound.She writhed on the bed, the mattress squeaking now, as I pulled out a small but powerful vibrator and began massaging her gash with it.Now her cries of pleasure were extremely loud.I looked behind me and realized Brownstone was peering in from the bathroom, watching me work Minnie's cunt up into a frenzy.He was jacking his small cock to the scene.Minnie was humping at the vibrator, obviously enjoying herself.Several times it seemed she was really close to orgasm.I would always slow down before bringing her over the edge, teasing her."Fuck me!Fuck me!" she finally yelled.I turned to Brownstone and nodded.My job here was done.Brownstone grinned, his prick in hand.He stepped up to the bed, his cock inches from her sex.Minnie moaned.Her cunt glistened from her arousal and my saliva.I turned my head as Brownstone stuck his puny prick inside her teen hole.Minnie groaned louder and I knew he was penetrating her now.The bed began squeaking rhythmically and I heard the squelching of his dick inside her pussy.He gasped and grunted, fucking away inside her tight cunt.I shook my head in disgust, never going to forgive myself for my hand in this blackmail arrangement.After a few minutes of steady penetration, Minnie was shrieking and shouting that she was cumming.Brownstone grunted.Surely her pussy walls were spasming around his member now.The rhythmic squeaking of the bed slowed as Minnie's orgasm subsided."Oh yeah, don't cum inside me, Professor," Minnie said as she caught her breath."I need to get my birth control refilled."Brownstone gasped.Then he pulled his cock out -- it was glazed with sperm!The old bastard had already inseminated her!He quietly spit on her pussy, making it seem like he shot his load on her cunt mound.She gasped and giggled.Then he massaged it on her vulva and jumped off the bed, running back to the bathroom.I looked at Minnie's petite body, splayed on the bed.Then I bent down and kissed her on the lips.She smiled, still blindfolded. After I freed her from her restraints, I offered to let her use the shower but she declined -- she said she was in a hurry to pick her friends up at the bar after last call.She pulled the little blue dress on again and grabbed her purse, kissing me on the cheek and thanking me for the fun time.And off she ran into the night, her cunt unwittingly full of cum.I envisioned Brownstone's sperm leaking out of her hole as she drove to meet her friends.A few moments after she left, Brownstone stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed."Good job sperming inside of her, asshole," I said to him with disgust. "How could I help it, Xavier?Her pussy was so damn tight, and she was squeezing my cock so hard when she climaxed!" he exclaimed."Well, I suppose if she gets pregnant and tries to say it's mine, I'll just get a paternity test to prove it's not.And then I'll say I remember you laughing about something in the teacher's lounge, something about a student and date rape drugs, and a plan to rent a hotel room... I'm so glad you used your credit card to pay for this room, Brownstone," I said with a smile."Blackmail's a bitch, isn't it?"He gasped and then snapped his jaw closed.That should shut the old bastard up awhile.Until next time,~Professor X