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"Eat me中文字幕伦视频二区
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"Eat me中文字幕伦视频二区

By the time the cookies were ready, 15 minutes had passed and Tara barely noticed. The smell of fresh baked pastries had made its way into the living room and cat calls were being sent her way by her fanbase. They laughed and ordered her to bring her cookies out to them. So she straightened her pathetic maid apron as best she could, put the cookies on a plate and strode into the living room in her fuck me pumps. They owned the living room now, playing video games, smoking and drinking, no coasters, no ashtrays and no manners. "Hey guys, can you please not make a mess?" She pleaded with them. They laughed. "Tell you what, Mrs. Benson. Why don't you come over here and feed me one of those cookies? Make sure I don't drop any crumbs." He patted his lap to encourage her. Tara was beyond caring that she was more than half naked. She simply did as was asked of her, stepping around the coffee table and sitting in his lap. One of his hands cupped her ass cheek as she laid it in his grip and the other tugged her apron so he could admire her perfect titties. She hand fed him a cookie while the other boys kept on watching, playing video games and ultimately kept on making a mess, spilling their drinks. "Oops! Sorry Mrs. Benson. Love to see you on all fours cleaning it up though.""You guys!" Tara was almost whining now. Without any power she could only plead for their cooperation. "We're not here to clean. Just to fuck. But if you keep fucking us real good maybe we won't have time to make more mess." Joey sat back and pretended like he was going to spill his drink again. "Please don't!" Tara could only beg."Make me change my mind… " Joey sneered a glib smile. Crawling over to Joey's chair she dropped her head in his lap and started licking and sucking, her head bobbing up and down. They took turns smacking her ass while she moved around the room taking turns with each of the boys again right there in her living room. Drunk and high as she was, Tara didn't pretend that she wasn't enjoying herself. She threw herself at them and did all the work until she was a sweaty mess again. She finally found something that she excelled at. Her boss once told her that she dressed like a whore and she thought about that often for some reason. She couldn't organize files properly but she was a whore in the bedroom and it got her everything she ever wanted and she would fuck to keep it. This was all more of the same to her, even in the same room, being shared like this was all just an anomalous freak occurrence that Tara would just put behind her. The sex was so humiliatingly good and it could be her little secret, if only Tara could find a way to end it and move on with her life. Somewhere in the middle of their orgy, one of the boys ordered some pizza. "We're going to need you to pay for this pizza, Mrs. Benson.""Sure… " she said unsure why they were giggling now. Then one of the Morgan brothers came out of the bedroom holding something. "This is what you're going to wear when it gets here." He held up a white tank top with 'I fuck for free pizza' written on it in some sort of ink pen and a white thong that had 'tips' written on the crotch. "You're serious? I don't know… ""Yes you do." Cole pulled one of the apron strings and helped her out of her cum stained maid outfit. The tight cotton tee was too small. Her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer white fabric on either side of the text. Where would they have even got something like this shirt? Then she slid her legs through the white thong with "tips" in clear letter across her crotch. "Okay, I'll do it, you little perverts. But this is it. Then you have to leave. I'm serious." It wasn't entirely convincing. The doorbell rings. The guys go back to playing video games in the living room and let her open the door. She greeted the young man politely and invited him in. Getting a good full look at Tara's outfit he did a double take. "Can I get a free pizza?" she said stupidly. Her lame attempt to flirt. Joey jumped up to grab the pizza. "Thanks man! I think the lady can pay you, just follow her into the other room, dude." Tara was grateful to be given privacy and turned her heel to lead the way to the bedroom with her best asset. Her big booty in a thong proved irresistible and the unnamed pizza guy followed her into her husband's bed. By the time he left she had cum three more times and he made her work for his seed and he plowed her for all he was worth. The guys even offered him a slice before he left. Not able to find her shirt, Tara comes out afterward completely fucked silly and only wearing the sticky panties with "tips" on the front, drenched in sweat and even more cum. "Okay, I did everything you guys wanted, but you have to go now. If my husband… " She stopped talking. Standing in the middle of the room was Cole's girlfriend Nikki and another girl she'd never seen before. They had a look on their faces of disgust and amusement. "Damn! You are one filthy fucking whore." Nikki always ran her mouth. She turned to Cole, "I didn't really believe your text. But now I know its true. Look at her all wobble legged." Nikki rode up on Tara, getting right in her face and said loudly and clearly, "You're a degenerate. I mean jesus christ, you just spread your legs when you want something? You fucked my boyfriend?""They blackmailed me. I only did it to protect my marriage." Tara's voice was small. She tried to pull herself together a bitbut it was hard to generate any kind of pride wearing a soaked thong, still sweaty from having sportfucked the pizza delivery guy. Nikki was shorter than Tara with straight light brown hair, bigger round breasts than Tara had but was much uglier. Nikki was a butterface. Tara had seen her hanging around with Cole outside a few times. She wore cheap jean cutoffs and tight, low cut shirts that made you stare at her cleavage. Her body was toned well enough and sexy enough that she had plenty of sex with guys but was ugly enough that she had few boyfriends. The second girl was a stranger. Another girl in their class. She was super short and tanned with short bleached blonde hair. Her face was totally cute and she was hot. Hotter than Tara. Maybe not when Tara was twenty but the last ten years just seemed to put enough mileage on her that in comparison to this firm and perky teen Tara felt self-conscious. Her name was Erica and she was a vicious little thing. She looked right into Tara's eyes and said, "I want to hear her say that she is a nasty piece of slut meat. Admit it." She got right up in Tara's face about an inch or two away from her which was odd to Tara being so much taller than this cute pixie acting mean. Whap! Tara had just got bitch slapped across the face. "You fucking say it!" Erica yelled. Everyone was shocked. The boys even giggled incredulously. "I-I'm a slut…" Tara said the words but only half believing them. Erica points to Cole. "Did you fuck him?""Yes.""Did you fuck him?" Pointing at Joey. "Yes." "Did you fuck them?" Now pointing at the brothers. "Yes." The word now came so natural to her now. "And you fucked the pizza guy just now?""Yes." "Did you let them cum in you?" "Yes.""Did you cum?""Yes.""You liked it." "Yes." "You're half naked with the cum of five guys running down your leg and none of them was your husband, right?""Yes.""Then what does that make you?""A dirty slut." She knew it was true. She may have had no choice but she still got off numerous times. She liked it. "You deserve my disgust, don't you?" "Yes." "Do you want me to hit you again?" "Yes. I don't deserve your respect. Please hit me." Whap! Her other cheek got it hard with a full hand slap across her face like she was trying to knock something loose. And when Tara recovered enough to look into the angry girls eyes, Erica was right back in her face, but this time Erica put her hands around Tara's throat and pulled her down to stoop at eye level with Erica. She was so cocky. She reveled in her domination and cruelty. She was so very much like her ex-boss Oksana. It was almost scary. Tara wondered whether she was secretly attracted to her. She was certainly attracted to this girl. Maybe she was turned on by strong, cruel blondes who shame her. Nikki came up behind her and grabbed Tara's big beautiful ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. "You guys probably want to see us lez out in the middle of the room, right?" To her pleasure this idea was met with a rousing cheer from the boys. Nikki pulled her into the center of the room by hand and started kissing Tara and groping her clumsily. Tara wasn't sure what to do. She found women attractive but never thought she was gay. She wasn't turned off by girls, but she wasn't attracted to Nikki. Erica was another story. Something about Erica was intoxicating. And familiar somehow. She would let Erica fuck her in an instant. Something about her blonde hair and demeaning attitude kind of perverted a very real shame she felt about her inability to succeed in a professional environment. It somehow connected to these long rants she would endure when her numbers were wrong or she lost an important file, when her sale projections were way off, basically she was made to feel like she never got anything right. Only this is a younger, meaner and more beautiful version of her old boss Oksana. She reveled in her public shaming now. She would do anything to please her. Nikki pushed Tara back onto the couch and straddling her face. Nikki pinned down Tara's arms with her knees and smothered Tara's face with her sloppy gash. She slapped Tara's bare clit, yelling, "Eat me, bitch! Get to work. Faster!"She motions for Cole to get on the couch and start fucking her again. He got in position and started tossing the hammer. Tara couldn't move from this position on the couch. Her tongue lashed back and forth over Nikki's clit. Her ass was nearly suffocating Tara but over the cheeks pressing on her face, she could still see Erica, jeering her with, "Stop whining whore, you finally found your true talent being sloppy wet hole. At least try and be good at it." Even though Tara was pinned down and only had her tongue with which she could work with, the words cut through to her, her deep seeded insecurity that her body is what landed her a rich husband and this house and car and life. Never really able to cut it on her own, her jobs were always a challenge she never quite lived up to. Yet she was on her back and able to satisfy a room full of people by simply being an object for their pleasure. She thrashed her tongue over Nikki's swollen cunt.She is fucked by Cole's blonde bitch of a girlfriend egging on her boyfriend on. Telling him not to cum until Tara brings her to climax. Several minutes later as her betters were cumming simultaneously,男女啪啪高潮激烈免费版 Nikki lifted her ass enough for Tara to breathe easier and she sees the clock and the time. She begs them to leave before her husband comes home and they tell her they'll leave once each one of them cums one last time but she has to do all the work. Tara climbs on top of each of them and vigorously brings them all off. After having fucked them all two or three times each they all all took a little more work to make them cum and Tara was raw and sore and her pussy ached but had never been serviced so well. Her head swam in a haze of weed and booze, but also helped her to endure this insanity. She tried her best to turn her brain off and simply be her animal drives. They didn't expect her to talk much anyway. She didn't even really hear much of what they said in this last round either. She just tried her best to use her body, her gift to the world, a body built for only one real meaningful task as fully and effectively as possible. It didn't take that long for her to coax a load out of each of the boys, enduring corporal punishment from the two girls which only served to help her in her efforts. The last fuck Tara was so tired, straddling Joey her legs wouldn't work anymore to ride him. He just gripped her hip fat, like actual handles and picking her up like a sex puppet and just jerked himself off with her pussy until he came inside her and threw her aside like a used tissue onto the couch. As they gather round the door now fully dressed, Tara felt relieved it was almost over. They tell her what to wear for tomorrow. The wardrobe consists of a tank top that says "cheap meat" and "Juicy" across her ass in a skirt. Heels and a plug. Rather than refute the dress code, Tara had other concerns. "You can't destroy my house again... I can't keep covering this up! Steve is going to find out!"Erica mocked her with false sympathy, "Aww don't worry, cunt muscle. We're not coming over here tomorrow, you are going to come to us. You're going to wear this outfit outside and let people see you knock on the front door and enter, dressed like the funky spunk collector you are.""Okay," came the simple reply from Tara."In fact, lets get a sneak preview. Put this on right now." Erica tossed the clothes at the couch. "I don't want you to lose that freshly fucked taint or sweat and jizz. That way, even after you shower tonight, tomorrow you can slip right back into whore mode."Tara slipped on the skirt and tank top, which were thin and within instants her sweat and other body fluids were soaking through. She put on the heels and easily slid the glass plug into her once tight sphincter where it was thick enough to hold in place while she wiggled around to please Erica and make sure that the whore outfit was sufficiently tainted with her filthy musk."Now, go outside and get the mail. Walk down to the end of the driveway, open your mailbox, take out the mail and open each letter there, nice and slowly. Don't fucking rush, be nice to everyone you see, let them see you. You do that to my satisfaction and we will leave." All hopes Tara had of this being uneventful and over painlessly were dashed the moment she set foot out of door and saw their chatty, flirtatious and recently divorced neighbor Todd in his yard.They didn't know each other well, Todd was about thirty years older than her and they knew he had gone through a divorce about a year or two ago. He was clearly an old perv and Tara would often go inside if she were suntanning in the backyard and Todd conveniently came out to do his non specific, lingering yard work at the very same time. So she imagined this would be a real treat for him.Tara pretends that nothing is amiss. She looked like a professional stripper. It was utterly ridiculous but Tara knew how to just ignore things she didn't like so she just shut off that part of her thinking.No sense in dwelling on what you can't change. She commits to this full, thigh shaking, stroll down to the end of the driveway. And she decided to give it a bit of strut, might as well own the walk of shame. This was just a silly dare after most of her other indignities this afternoon. "Well hello there neighbor!" I guess he thought that was a joke. Or so you'd assume given that he laughed afterwards. When she got to the mailbox, she had to stop and just stand there like an animal in the zoo. As ordered she took her time to open each piece of mail and pretend to read it so he could stare as much as he wanted as he made ridiculous small talk not omitting his uncomfortable compliments about her outfit. These became increasingly awkward as he slowly began to wander across the drive to get right next to her."Are your breasts real?" It was so brazen. He was super forward, but Tara wasn't sure she was allowed to leave, she at least had to be polite.She said they were and he feigned surprise before saying, "May I?"Although not technically saying yes, Tara just sort of allowed him to grope her chest. She just fought her urge to block him and kept her arms down or away from her body, letting him access to her entire front side. His old hands just kneading her chest in broad daylight, while she tries to polite smile it away, but even his attempt to banter goes silent. Its super creepy. Her asshole clenched around the neck of her plug. He was close enough now that his obvious erection poked her in the thigh. It was either that or once his hands found their way under the shirt and squeezing her bare flesh like fruit in the supermarket Tara had to leave now.After an ample grope time allotted for for good manners, Tara excused herself politely and went back in the house. It was a controlled stride, not too fast but the moment she got back inside the house she collapsed to her knees on the floor."Are you guys just going to wait until Steve gets home? Are you going to destroy my marriage?" She had given up. She had no power here and was on the verge of tears. But Erica laughed. "We could. But we won't. You show up tomorrow at ten am next door in this outfit and that plug back in your ass, understand?" "Yes Erica." "And tomorrow I'm going to spank your ass red for getting wet when that old man touched you, shameless pig! And then you are going to fuck yourself senseless." "Yes… please..." Tara looked up and met eyes with her cruel angel. The boys were filing out the door now. It was over."When you come over tomorrow, I expect a willing hooker and then you will be severely punished for it." Erica gave absolution in her cruel penance."Yes… I want you to… I deserve to be… I want you to… punish me." Tara stumbled with the words but they were true. She shouldn't want the thing that that was trapping her but here she was and she looked forward to paying a price for this infidelity at Erica's wicked hands.Erica had a cold burning grin, she clearly loved breaking Tara down. "Well if you don't want to be caught by your husband, I'd think about cleaning all this shit up." They all left then and Tara was left alone to try and clean up the mess.



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